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*Hello My SweetHearts*

H.I.M Fans
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~..*Rules To The Community*..~

*1* Please make sure you are a fan of Vam or Ville Valo/Bam Margera
This is a Community for fans of Ville Valo/Bam Margera.

*2* Please, Dont Hate.

*3* Please only post things relating to Ville/Bam/CKY

*4* Please post large pictures/large groups of pictures behing lj cuts.

*5* Introductory Posts are not only welcome but encouraged
Even if you have no pictures to show just tell us your HIM/Bam/CKY story.

*6* This is not only a pictures community
You can post news about CKY/BAM here to.

*7* Make sure the lemon's and the pancakes get along.
Basically respect eachothers opinions darlings. Cause it's a crazy vicious cycle. And Vicious cycles aren't


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