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X-posted;; HIM concert! <3

Here's my "story" about the HIM concert on Friday the 21st.
It's worth reading, let me tell you.

The HIM concert was abso-fucking-lutely amazing.

My sister met this girl Ashley who works for the Warner Brothers record label. She asked my sister to be on her Street Team & invited me also. So now I'm a part of the Street Team & I help pass out flyers at concerts & stuff like that.

So, Ashley called my sister yesterday afternoon & said, "Meet me in the VIP area, I have a surprise for you guys!"

We picked up my friend Emily & on the way there Becky (my sister) & I took stupid pictures..

So we got in line for the HIM concert around 5ish.. waited in line until 6:30, freezing our fucking asses off! We watched some of Skindred's set. They were.. ehh.. okay. So, 7:45 rolled around & we met Ashley. So she was like, "Alright, you're suprise is.... YOU GET TO MEET HIM!" Kyssie (another Street Team member who is inlove with HIM as well) & I fucking crapped our pants... pretty much. Haha, I seriously almost died. I was so fucking nervous. So we went outside & Jess (the marketing manager) told us we had to split up in two groups. We had to go last, so she came back to us & told us that there wasn't enough time to meet them then. I was so bummed, but she explained to us that the first group only got to meet Ville, I think. She said after we handed out flyers after the show, we could meet them! We went back in the Quest (the club where the concert was being held) & watched a little bit of Finch's set... & then HIM came on! They were amazing, as always! During their set, Ville was so fucking drunk he forgot a ton of words to like 3 songs, so he handed the mic to the crowd & let everyone sing... hahah. It was awesome as fucking hell.

Okay, they're not the best quality... I didn't get front row again this time..

I didn't get many, either. I got bitched at again by security & he threatened to jack my camera!

So after they're "encore" at like 10:20 we went outside to hand out flyers. We met up with Jess & we walked to Pizza Luce (a local pizza joint) to wait until we could meet them! She got a call & told us that we might eat pizza with HIM at the Quest! I was so pumped! So, we got there & waited a while to meet them. I was about to fucking die. There were about 10 other people there who were waiting to meet HIM too.

We all chatted amungst ourselves & Jess comes up to us and said, "Hey, you guys can just stand here & chat... or you can go over there and meet HIM!" Hahah. I felt stupid. So I went over there... & it was so weird. Everyone was surrounding Ville, so I went up to Burton & asked for his autograph. Then to Midge.. & to Linde. They were... not very sociable, unfortunately. Then I met Gas & got his autograph. He was pretty nice.

Then I went up to fucking gorgeous Ville. Ohmyfuckinggod. He was SO fucking wasted. We all introducted ourselves, & I was like "Hi, I'm Gretchen.... can I have a hug?" Hahahahahaha, fag. & he was like, "Well, since you asked so nicely..." & I was like, "I fucking love you." Hahah. We actually talked for a while, he told us how some dude robbed him of everything he had with him. His credit cards, his clothes, his money... & most importantly, so he says, "my fucking booze!" Haha. He was so fucking sweet. He signed everyones shit... & he signed two posters for me... & I was like, "Okay, I'm going to be annoying.. but can you sign my pants?" He was like, "You're pants?" Haha. So he like flug his cigarette & grabbed my leg & wrote "PROTECTED BY (heartagram) SINCE '05 (heartagram) VILLE VALO". Oh my fucking God. I almost died. No joke. Jess was like, "Well geeze, Ville. You must be pretty important if she's going to let you sign her pants!" & I was like, "Dude, you're my fucking HERO". Then he thanked us for coming & was telling us how much he appreciates us coming to the show & being fans & how fans in Europe are just like "Oh.. woo hoo... HIM..." & shit. He was so effing down to earth! AHHHHHHH. I fucking met Ville Valo. Kyssie was like, "Oh my god, he fucking GRABBED you're thigh... OMG your so lucky!" Hahaha. Oh my god.

They didn't really want us taking pictures, but since we all got into one, it was alright

HAHAHHA, look at Ville's face. Funniest thing ever. But ew, I look sick.

Afterwards, Jess told us all to walk down to Pizza Luce to eat pizza with them. So we were pretty much walking down the street with HIM.. how crazy is that? Then we were informed that they wanted to go out to a bar & drink, so we didn't get to eat with them. Effing alcholics! Just kidding, hehe. But fuck, I got to meet them, so I was a-okay!

I woke up this morning & was like, "Fuck, that was a dream, wasn't it?" haha, nope.

So here's my posters & my pants. Haha.

Best day of my god damn life.

Thank you for reading, loves.

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